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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Ok- my first post ever on a BLOG...

And- today it is a rant... about Krylon Magnetic paint. It sucks. It costs too much for it to suck.

I wanted to try out some magnetic paint so I could hang up some of my painting/drawings in my room without putting holes in everything. I decided to put up some 1" square strips of wood that I could use as a ledge to rest canvas' on and also paint it with magnetic paint to I could hang paper on it with magnets.

Well- four coats of Krylon paint and still my magnets wouldn't stick. I emailed Krylon, here is thir response:

SUBJECT:  Magnetic Paint

Did you use a primer underneath the Magnetic Paint?  The Krylon Magnetic Paint must build up a significant surface film above the wood grain to be effective. Most wooden substrates are very porous and must be primed and sealed completely before applying the Magnetic Paint.  Although the Krylon Magnetic Paint acts as a primer underneath paint, it does not function as an adequate sealer over wood.  A good bit of the iron powder would sink into the wood grain thus lessening the surface build.  

At this point, you have two options:

1.) You can apply additional coats of the Magnetic Paint to build up the surface film.  The more iron powder above the wood the better the magnetic attraction will be.  NOTE:  Even at full strength, this product will not hold heavy magnets.  The Krylon Magnetic Paint is for light magnets only.

2.)  You can apply two coats of the Krylon All Purpose Gray Primer #1318 over the existing Magnetic Paint and then recoat with the Magnetic Paint.  The Primer should fill any remaining open grain and seal off the wood completely.

Krylon Technical Service

Here's the problem. My wood was primed. And- no where on the can of paint does it explain this little tidbit of apparently VERY important information. I will try and get my $13 back. And I will tell the world not to buy this paint. And perhaps I will try a different brand of magnetic paint. I will keep you posted. Alas- I don't imagine that Krylon will compensate me for the emotional damage inficted after being very excited about my magnetic paint, only to have it fail completely.

Ah well...

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