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Monday, February 20, 2006

Plaza Door Signs... why?


The Plaza. Icon of opulence. Setting for many a movie... love that scene in North by Northwest (by the way, the building in the opening scene is now a Crate and Barrel...).

Anyway- um- I would love to own a piece of the Plaza. And they are graciously auctioning bits off at Christies. But- A collection of Ten brass Door Signs, including 2 Ice signs and 6 Service signs... Estimated at 200-300 dollars???? If you melt them down could you get that much? They are also auctioning off towels, and bathrobes, and other bits.

And of course furniture... but, when you think about it, it is very used furniture. Used hotel furniture. Granted- a president may has sat his ass on the coverlet, but, do you really want to own it?

I will check back in to see the selling prices on some of these lots after the auction in March. (on the Ides, no less...). Get your bids in!


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